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Devon’s editorial approach is kind and constructive, attentive and discerning. She holds her clients to high standards, keeping them accountable, pushing them to strengthen their craft to make ideas more clear, concise, and compelling. She welcomes writers at all levels to entrust her with their manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction), short stories, or essays in any stage of development.

Ghostwriting & writing

Devon's journalism background means she's well equipped to handle the interview and research required for ghostwriting and writing assignments, and her editorial background in a number of genres means she understands the target audience for a diversity of markets.

Working to meet the visions of memoirists, business owners, experts, and publishers, Devon writes clear manuscripts with compelling stories and accessible information.

Book coaching

Got a great idea but need the tools to plot, plan, and write? Ready to push your manuscript from mediocre to marvelous? Devon's book coaching service offers expertise on writing conventions, a listening ear for overcoming challenges, and the motivational muscle to build a solid, marketable manuscript.

Book doctoring

Want a robust product without having to do the heavy lifting? Hiring a book doctor is a good option for writers who lack the time or motivation to do intensive rewrites themselves, instead enlisting a seasoned editor to stitch their manuscript together into a quality product.

Level 1 edit: Developmental letter

+ Thirty-minute kickoff call

+ Thorough written feedback highlighting strengths of the manuscript and outlining ways to improve big-picture elements such as organization, pacing, voice, characterization, language, setting, dialogue, and clarity.

+Recommendations for potential avenues for publication

Level 2 edit: Developmental letter with margin notes

+ Includes all services in Level 1

+ In-document detailed margin feedback

Level 3 edit: Line edit

+ Includes all services in Level 1 and 2

+ Thorough line-level smoothing and polishing of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, style, and organization


What Clients Say


Lilianne Milgrom, author of L'Origine

“She eased me through the hurdles and challenges of the publication journey and played a significant role in shaping my award-winning novel. She is reliable, experienced, patient, and above all, she’s got your back!”

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