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Book editor

Devon Fredericksen is the author of How to Camp in the Woods, a journalist focusing on sustainable food systems and outdoor adventure, and a book editor with more than a decade of experience in publishing.

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Immerse yourself in the natural world with How to Camp in the Woods, the book Star Tribune says “does all but set up the tent.”


Jodi Peterson
Senior editor
High Country News

As a book reviewer for High Country News, an award-winning independent newsmagazine, Devon has proven her strengths in many areas. She has spot-on suggestions for titles to review, always meets deadlines, and turns in clean, easy-to-edit copy. Her reviews are gracefully written, original, and  insightful.


Ted Carleton
The Sheet

Devon possesses that rare combination of talent, passion, and work ethic that invariably leads to great things. I am proud to say 

“I knew her when . . .”

Kevin Daniels
K. Daniels Publishing

The level of professionalism and commitment Devon has consistently applied to her work has been very impressive and refreshing. Devon’s writing and organizing skills, work ethic, and attention to detail make a daunting job like a guidebook a manageable task.

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Environmental reporting

Book doctoring, developmental editing, and line editing

Book coaching

Writing and ghostwriting

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Devon has worked in book publishing since 2010, first as a bookseller for Spellbinder Books, and then as a senior book development editor for Girl Friday Productions for eight years. She has helped a diverse range of authors and publishers position hundreds of books strategically in the competitive publishing landscape.


“On every page, Rick's sensitive observations simultaneously move the heart and feed the mind.”

—Jane Goodall


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