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Devon's books have led her to interview environmental visionaries, to hike practically every trail across the Eastern Sierra, and to compile a lifetime of outdoor knowledge into comprehensive how-to steps.


How to Camp in the Woods

Immerse yourself in the natural world with How to Camp in the Woods, the book Star Tribune says “does all but set up the tent.”

Perfect for everyone from novices to boondockers, How to Camp in the Woods compiles contemporary and classic wisdom, practical tips, and illustrated DIY advice on every aspect of equipping, packing, setting up camp, cooking, and improvising no matter where you are in the great outdoors.


50 Classic Day Hikes of the Eastern Sierra

With a vivid history and unmatched natural beauty, the Eastern Sierra is a gateway to the Owens Valley, the White and Inyo Mountains, and the Sierra Nevada range. Within this vast area, many breathtaking landscapes and vistas are accessible as day hikes year-round.

Join us as we guide you to places that will surprise and inspire you. From the canyons, lakes and aspen forests of the Sierra Mountains, to the ancient Bristlecone groves and desolate beauty of the White and Inyo mountain ranges, there is so much to see and do. Are you ready to turn an ordinary day into an outdoor adventure?

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Green Fire: A History of Huxley College

Green Fire profiles forty College of the Environment alumni, demonstrating the college’s success in graduating environmental problem solvers, ranging from the director of SeaTac Airport to organic farmers, and from the man leading the world campaign to save Asian tigers to the woman who is the project director for the United Nations’ World at 7 Billion Project.

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The Little Book of Candles

Let this book illuminate your life as you learn everything about candles, from the self-care benefits to decorating, history, and setting the mood. With descriptive illustrations and photos, this is the perfect gift to pair with candles.

This little book is both giftable and unique, complete with easy tips, décor ideas and craft projects, as well as inspirational quotes, rituals, and routines.

This book serves as an entry point into all things candles, from homemaking and decorating to setting your intention and harnessing the power of aromatherapy. Find out how to use candles for creating your space and why lighting affects your psychological mood. Experience candles in a new, expansive light in this all-encompassing little book.


The Playlist of My Life

Your life has a soundtrack, and a playlist that is uniquely yours. In this guided journal, you will collect your favorite songs, artists, and concerts; revisit amazing musical memories, and create your ultimate playlists for every occasion.

Whether you casually listen to music, or you’re an expert playlist curator and music superfan, everyone has an emotional connection to music. This creative prompted journal includes guided musical prompts, space for journaling about your favorite musical memories, list trackers, and quotes from famous artists. The Playlist of My Life is the perfect gift for all music lovers!

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